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Our Inspiration - Late Haji M.S. Siah

After completing his education in then most prestigious Mission high School, he jumped into the fray and joined the professional trade of houseboats running and organized travels and tours to the far off corners of the valley. With little resources but using brains and brawn and subsequently going through the mill, he succeeded in establishing a name in the travel circles and created a fleet of deluxe houseboats, attracting wide recognition. Even Madam Gandhi paid a visit and was impressed. To keep in tune with the march of times, great guts, sharp intellect and keen perception, timely innovations, and additions and alterations were made to face with the construction of the Most Fabulous and Fantastic 06 Bed Room Houseboat his lifelong dream come true.

Being closely connected with the travel trade, which was fast growing, a most prominent and Pioneer Travel Service was established. He did succeed in creating fame and name on National level. He visited Europe in 1952 and traveled in a HAMILTON car right from Kashmir to Europe, the first Kashmiri to take such a rendezvous trip.

In the interest of protection of wild life many camps were organized in Kashmir and LADAKH. In lieu of meritorious services rendered, he was felicitated and presented a Gold Medal in Switzerland in 1979.

He was a man of great charm, and dignity and loved humor very much. 

Mohammad Altaf Siah

Graduated from one of the famous computer institutes in India and Completed his MBA in Hospitality and Tourism from IIBM Institute of Business Management with over 20 Yrs of Experience in Tourism Industry he shares great relations with the hospitality industry professionals and is also business IT Consultant for many companies around the Globe like E-VISION (USA), ENERGETIC (USA), SAFE N SECURE (USA), GLOBAL FEATHER (CHINA), HATO ROUP (UAE) to name a few. His vision for Hospitality and Tourism and the innovative ideas to boost tourism have been appreciated and he has also been awarded with 

INDIAN LEADERSHIP AWARD  for Hospitality and Tourism Year 2011


Bharat Excellence and Super Achievers Awards with Gold Medal 

Presented by FFI on 30th June 2012 for Hospitality and Tourism. 

Zahoor Ahmed Siah

Graduated from JNU and further after completing his Chinese Honors from Beijing Language University in China established Global Sales Office for UCTS and expanding its wings to more then 25 Countries. With 15 years of professional experience in management and marketing of the travel industry, is the first person to promote Indian tourism routes in mainland China.  . He has been presented with 

International Business Leadership Award for Hospitality & Tourism on the occasion of Globalization of Industries & World Peace Summit-Bangkok Thailand-2011 

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